Published On: 23. April 2018| Categories: Service| 1.5 min read| 301 words|

Refund chipcard credit balance via EC credit

be refunded via EC credit payment to the giro account of your students, guests or staff.

Whenever students leave the university, guests wish to return their card or students and/or staff wish to have their credit balance refunded temporarily, it will be necessary to pay out the money that was previously paid into their chipcard account.

In the past the InterCard top-up terminals could only refund the credit balance in coins. Only the new vario.UP terminal was also able to refund the balance in banknotes.

With the new InterCard solution, the credit balance can also be refunded via all your existing terminals which are already equipped to allow users to top up their credit balance with their girocard. The amount will simply be credited to the cardholder’s giro account.

In addition to refunding the credit balance, an EC credit can also be used, for example, to refund the deposit on the guest card. Charges for the refund can also be made or waiting periods between topping up and refund determined. You can also record in the system what the minimum and maximum amount should be for the refund of the credit balance – up to a maximum of EUR 100 per transaction.

In future your chipcard users will be able to dispose of their credit balance freely. Operators do not suffer any financial disadvantage from this use of the new possibilities because they may optionally decide to levy charges. Operators can define individually which user group will be permitted to take advantage of the EC credit refund process.

Depending on the existing installation, in addition to an update via remote service, it may be necessary to change the provider and the existing POS terminal may have to be adjusted. Your customer adviser will be pleased to supply the relevant information.