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InterCard became SECANDA

Dear customers, we have changed our name. We have turned InterCard GmbH Kartensysteme into SECANDA Systems AG. Even before that, our listed parent company InterCard adopted the name of our new system: SECANDA AG. After 40 years of company history, we are now starting new. With new technical possibilities in [...]

15. December 2022|Categories: Service|

Information update on the TSE module D-Trust Bundesdruckerei

Dear customers, In our last message, we informed you that your current TSE modules from the manufacturer D-Trust (Bundesdruckerei) would lose their approval and therefore offered you to exchange the TSE modules for modules from the manufacturer Swissbit AG. Very recently, we have received new information from the manufacturer of [...]

7. December 2022|Categories: Service|

Installation dates for TSE modules and upgrade cash control

Liebe Kunden, an ihr Kassensystem des Anbieters CashControl sind derzeit TSE-Module der D-Trust GmbH angeschlossen. D-Trust ist ein Unternehmen der Bundesdruckerei. Die TSE-Module dienen der Aufzeichnung von Transaktionen in ihrem Kassensystem und damit zur Einhaltung von Regularien gegenüber den Finanzbehörden. Wir hatten Sie bereits Ende Sepetmber darüber informiert, dass diese [...]

10. November 2022|Categories: Service|

New TSE Stick and Update for CashControl

Dear customers, TSE modules from D-Trust GmbH are currently connected to your cash register system from the provider CashControl. D-Trust is a company of Bundesdruckerei. The TSE modules are used to record transactions in your cash register system and thus to comply with regulations vis-à-vis the tax authorities. These TSE [...]

28. September 2022|Categories: Service|

Your chip card orders

Dear customers, We would like to remind you to order the smart cards and hardware you need for the years 2022 and 2023 in good time. We have already stocked up our inventory and framework agreements for smart cards and device components as best as possible in order to be [...]

7. March 2022|Categories: Service|

SIX becomes PAYONE: topping up with the girocard

Our partner SIX Payment Services will handle payments for us, including the topping up of credit at your InterCard top-up terminal. This applies for all topping-up and payment procedures at your POS terminals on the basis of the girocard bank card. SIX Payment Services becomes PAYONE: For you, however, nothing [...]

11. March 2021|Categories: Service|

Our new customers 2020

Once again we were able to acquire new customers for InterCard GmbH Kartensysteme during 2020. In addition we also implemented a large number of projects for our existing customers. We should like to thank them for the trust they have shown. We are particularly pleased about all the hospitals which [...]

26. February 2021|Categories: Service|

Refund chipcard credit balance via EC credit

be refunded via EC credit payment to the giro account of your students, guests or staff. Whenever students leave the university, guests wish to return their card or students and/or staff wish to have their credit balance refunded temporarily, it will be necessary to pay out the money that was [...]

23. April 2018|Categories: Service|
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