Published On: 11. March 2021| Categories: Service| 1.1 min read| 223 words|

Paying fees at the pay station: also possible hygienically without a PIN

We have extended the functions for your InterCard top-up and payment terminals.

You can now pay all types of bills including semester charges, semester tickets and card succession fees from HISinOne at your top-up and payment terminals using your girocard or the credit balance on your chipcard. The relevant bills will be determined individually for each user by HISinOne and shown at the terminal; receipt of payments will be automatically compared.

Incidentally, amounts up to EUR 50 can already be paid hygienically today with the girocard at your terminal without entering your PIN. For this you need only place the girocard on the built-in reader module instead of inserting the card.

If some of your terminals are not yet able to read the girocard for contact-free payment because the reader module on which the card is laid has not yet been installed, we shall be pleased to extend your terminal on site at short notice. After that you will also be able to pay there without entering your PIN and hence hygienically without using the key pad. The smartphone can then also be used for contact-free payment in addition to the girocard. We are sure to be able to find a quick and reasonably priced way to refit your terminal; after all, the health of your users should be sufficiently important to us all.