Published On: 11. March 2021| Categories: Service| 1.1 min read| 212 words|

SIX becomes PAYONE: topping up with the girocard

Our partner SIX Payment Services will handle payments for us, including the topping up of credit at your InterCard top-up terminal. This applies for all topping-up and payment procedures at your POS terminals on the basis of the girocard bank card.

SIX Payment Services becomes PAYONE: For you, however, nothing will change. SIX Payment Services and PAYONE both belong to the Worldline group of companies and have joined together. In future PAYONE will take over all the accustomed services. You will therefore receive the reports about the evaluation of payments at your POS terminals in future from PAYONE and no longer from SIX Payment Services.

The POS charges for payments will remain unchanged and you will be charged the same amount as you were previously charged directly by InterCard. All contracts remain in place unchanged.

Apart from this, it is possible that in a few cases some banks may no longer issue their customers with a girocard in future, but only with a credit card as a bank card. We shall be pleased to help you to find a satisfactory solution here – either with an extra clause for credit cards in your contract despite the higher charges, or an extension to the system for topping up the credit without using the terminal.