Published On: 28. September 2022| Categories: Service| 0.8 min read| 156 words|

New TSE Stick and Update for CashControl

Dear customers,

TSE modules from D-Trust GmbH are currently connected to your cash register system from the provider CashControl. D-Trust is a company of Bundesdruckerei. The TSE modules are used to record transactions in your cash register system and thus to comply with regulations vis-à-vis the tax authorities.

These TSE modules of D-Trust GmbH will in all likelihood lose their approval on 7 January 2023.

Against this background, we are currently preparing to replace your TSE modules with a stick from the manufacturer Swissbit before the end of this year and at the same time to install an update on your POS system.

We will probably contact you in October to arrange an appointment as soon as it is finally certain that your previous TSE modules cannot be recertified.

Until then, we also expect the approval for the use of the planned new TSE stick from Swissbit and for the software update.

Thank you for your understanding.