Published On: 7. December 2022| Categories: Service| 1 min read| 208 words|

Information update on the TSE module D-Trust Bundesdruckerei

Dear customers,

In our last message, we informed you that your current TSE modules from the manufacturer D-Trust (Bundesdruckerei) would lose their approval and therefore offered you to exchange the TSE modules for modules from the manufacturer Swissbit AG.

Very recently, we have received new information from the manufacturer of your current TSE module D-Trust, in which the development of an updated TSE module is promised before July 2023. You can download this information here. The TSE module itself is to be offered free of charge.

Should the development by D-Trust be completed in time, this module could also be used in place of the module we envisage from Swissbit AG. However, so far we have no information about the type of development and the extent of the installation effort.

Therefore, against the background of the only slight cost difference and the currently not reliable statements on a 100% backwards compatibility of the new TSE module, we would still like to stick to the update with the new TSE module from Swissbit AG. This module has already been approved and the integration into your POS system has been completed.

This is the only way we can ensure a timely installation date at your premises.

Best regards

Your Customer Service Team